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Air Passenger Bill of Rights

The Air Passenger Bill of Rights, based on Joint DOTC-DTI Administrative Order No. 01, protects you whenever you fly. This important legislation covers a range of situations you might encounter as a traveler, including:

  •  Flight Delays and Cancellations: Learn what you’re entitled to if your flight experiences disruptions.
  •  Lost or Damaged Luggage: Understand the compensation process for misplaced or harmed baggage.
  •  Overbooking: Find out your rights if the airline sells more tickets than there are seats on the plane.
  •  Denied Boarding: Discover what recourse is available if you are prevented from boarding a flight.

The Air Passenger Bill of Rights also emphasizes your right to clear and accurate information from airlines before, during, and after your flight.

This webpage is dedicated to giving you the knowledge you need to be a confident and informed air passenger. Read on to learn more!

Know Your Rights as an Air Traveler


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